The veterinary referral form must be completed by your veterinarian. Intake forms will need to be completed prior to attending your first massage session. To complete the forms, please click the following links to download them to your computer.


Registration and Waiver (.pdf)

Veterinarian Referral Form (.pdf)


First massage session will last 60-90 minutes and it includes a medical and history background and gait observation.

60-minute massage

30-minute massage

Travel fees will apply.

Where and when will you massage?

At this time, massage will be performed at the client's home. Dogs are generally more comfortable on their own turf.

A dog who had just eaten needs at least 90 minutes for digestion function prior to massage. You want your dog satisfied, not full or hungry. A dog that needs to relieve itself is one that can't relax. Please take him/her out before and after their massage session. A energetic dog will have a hard time relaxing. Please take your dog for a walk before the massage session. If there's too many distractions present, your dog will not be able to focus and relax during massage. (I.e. Spouse coming home from work, kids running around, cooking dinner)

DISCLAIMER: Bangelo's is force free. I will not force or apply massage on a dog who doesn't want to be touched. I will work on building trust with your dog. Please know if I'm not able to massage your dog in our session, the pricing is still the same for my time.

I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.
Massage is not a replacement for proper veterinary care, nor will it cure diseases.
Massage will help to provide overall wellness and balance for your pet.